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Arniston / Waenhuiskrans

This quiet village is named after the British hospital ship that sank in this vicinity in 1815, The HMS Arniston was carrying wounded soldiers, women and children from Ceylon to England. The ship hit a reef and only six of the 378 passengers survived.

Today, the practices of the local fishermen and the trades of their forefathers continue, while the holidaymakers make Arniston a favourite hideaway. There are no clubs or adrenalin-packed attractions to entertain the visitors – but there is peace, beauty and a sense that there is ‘recharging’ taking place!

Kassiesbaai is the 200-year-old fishing village situated close to the harbour. This National Heritage site is characterised by unassuming thatched, white-painted cottages. Many of the locals who live here still make a living from the sea. Experience their customs and hospitality as you meander through this picturesque and historical place, enjoy the coffee and craft shops that can be visited.

Across the dunes. west of Roman Beach and at the foot of the magnificent limestone cliffs, is the impressive Waenhuiskrans cave – the place responsible for the town’s alternative name!

‘Waenhuiskrans’ is Afrikaans for ‘wagon house cliff.’ The cave can only be accessed at low tide. Local tradition will tell you that this limestone cave is large enough for a full span of oxen to turn around inside it, and that it was a hiding place for munitions during times of conflict.

Beautiful safe beaches, interesting walks and breathtaking scenery will feature in the memory of all who treat themselves to visiting this charming corner of the Overberg.

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