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Cape Agulhas is the southernmost town in Africa where the two oceans meet (the Indian and the Atlantic) . For this reason it is a prime tourist destination. Cape L'Agulhas also is South Africa's third oldest light station and second oldest surviving lighthouse (after Green Point). The lighthouse marks the southernmost point of Africa at latitude 34°50' S and the junction of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans at longtitude 20°01' E; the ultimate tip of the continent is 1 km (0.6 mi) west southwest of the lighthouse.

This coastline is extremely ominous and many ships have floundered here. L'Agulhas gets its rich heritage from the shipwreck survivors of many nationalities who settled in this desolate place. The name L'Agulhas means Cape of Needles (referring to the jagged rocks of the coastline and also the fact that a compass shows no real deviation between true north and magnetic north at this spot).
The water here is very shallow and L'Agulhas is known to be one of the best fishing grounds in South Africa. This region also lays claim to a National Park which has more than 8500 species of flowering plants and a bounty of birds in the wetlands.
L'Agulhas has several hiking trails. There are also two tidal pools and two rock pools for swimming. Accommodation ranges from bungalows to caravan parks and camping grounds.
L'Agulhas Stories: Mutiny on the Meermin (by SJ du Toit)
Saving the L'Agulhas Lighthouse (by SJ du Toit)
Spookdraai at L'Agulhas and the Radar Base (by SJ du Toit)


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